Systems Engineering Services

GDI’s rigorous systems engineering processes support rapid prototyping and development, as well as traditional, iterative, top down, hierarchical approaches within the traditional systems engineering “V.” These interdisciplinary processes are supported by essential, cross-cutting activities including program management, product team support, configuration management, process engineering, risk management, financial management, and technical writing. GDI’s systems engineering expertise supports concept development, requirements analysis, design, assessment, research and development, technology evaluation, test, and exercise and demonstration services.

Systems Integration, Installation, CyberSecurity, and Sustainment Services

GDI provides certified DoD Cybersecurity Workforce engineers with privileged access to critical IT and tactical satellite and networking communications systems for systems integration, installation, cybersecurity, and sustainment services. This includes sustainment of existing legacy systems, integration of new technologies, test and evaluation, and customization of tactical communications and IT systems. GDI experts support all operating environments (e.g., Windows, VMWare, Linux, Cisco, and Juniper), hardware systems including mobile antennas and VSATs, and use multiple cybersecurity tools to manage these environments.

Service Desk Services

GDI provides 24/7 Service Desk support services for worldwide tactical and strategic communications systems. GDI communications experts and Field Service Representatives (FSR) provide real time troubleshooting, fielding support, and onsite assistance to tactical deployed satellite and networking systems. As the first line of support, GDI experts ensure communications systems remain operational and meet mission requirements for our DoD customers in all environments.

Software Engineering Services

GDI’s certified DoD Cybersecurity Workforce software engineers support complex business and tactical systems within multiple system languages including C#/ASP, Java/JSP, Spring, PHP, .NET, Hibernate, MySQL, Oracle, Web Services, Python, and WebLogic. GDI software engineers support agile development with continuous process improvement, as well as traditional development methodologies.

Logistics, Configuration Management, and Life Cycle Management Services

GDI provides the full spectrum of logistics, configuration management, and life cycle management services. This includes logistics task management, material tracking, configuration management, supportability analysis, logistics documentation, sustainment engineering, and obsolescence management of tactical systems. GDI experts are proficient in logistics and configuration management databases such as Configuration Data Managers Database – Open Architecture (CDMD-OA), Joint Electronics Type Designation Automated System (JETDAS), Interactive Computer Aid Provisioning System (ICAPS), and CMPro.